Pensionservice Gregor

We will help you to apply for the statutory pension in Germany.


Pension Service

Pensionservice Gregor is at your disposal for all your questions concerning the statutory pension insurance. In particular, we offer services for the following tasks:

Request for Account Clarification

An account with the statutory pension insurance is kept for each insured person in which the data relevant to the pension and the living conditions are stored. Prior determination of the relevant insurance period in this account is a compulsory prerequisite for a subsequent application for a pension. In the context of an account clarification procedure, a check is made beforehand as to whether there are gaps and / or inconsistencies in the insurance process. It is checked to see if all activities and pension-relevant times (mainly, for example, periods of child-rearing, periods of training and study, etc.) have been correctly recorded by the pension insurance company in order to calculate the pension in your account.

Should you have paid in for a longer time or have a claim to German pension by means of educational periods or other periods of recruitment, we will be happy to advise you in the clarification of your pension account.

Application for Reimbursement

As part of a reimbursement procedure, checks are made as to whether contributions paid by an insured person can be reimbursed to him/her by the pension insurance scheme. If, for example, you are a permanent foreigner in a non-EU country and have previously paid more than 60 contributions to the pension insurance scheme in the Federal Republic of Germany, and you have some other additional requirements, you may be entitled to receive a reimbursement of your contributions paid to the pension insurance scheme.

We will check the existence of the individual requirements for you. We will make the applications and represent you in the procedures for reimbursement of paid contributions.
After you have received a reimbursement of contribution, you are no longer entitled to a pension.

Pension Request

In the case of a clarified insurance process, we will help you to apply for benefits from the German pension insurance.

Flexi Pension

You want to retire as early as possible and want to know if it is possible for you without having any deductions. We would be pleased to advise you on the best possible retirement for you and the possibilities to compensate for the deductions by paying additional contributions.

If you would like to continue working after reaching the retirement age limit, we are happy to advise you about the possibility of improving your pension by paying your own contributions.
For an offer of our services, please feel free to contact us. You will find our contact details on the “Contact” link of this webpage or by sending an e-mail to